The Southern Link Road Cannot be Assessed as Part of the Hereford Bypass

Funding for the South Wye Transport Package has always been on the basis that the road from the A49 to the A465 and continuing to the B4349 Clehonger Road, is a stand -alone project. This was made very clear by the Department for Transport in their meeting with Herefordshire Council on 13th October 2015 (see full meeting minutes here )

Herefordshire Council confirms that work on the Business Case for the scheme is based on this stand-alone assumption.

Since Herefordshire Council granted itself planning permission for the Southern Link Road, Councillor Philip Price, Cabinet member for overseeing delivery of this transport package has repeatedly stated that this road is the “first stage of the Hereford Bypass”. This contradicts the Department for Transport who retain oversight of the project and will not approve the final business case for the whole package of transport measures in South Wye until final cost estimates have been prepared.

It will be interesting to hear how the Southern Link Road is referred to at the Cabinet meeting 2pm tomorrow when Herefordshire Council seek to approve the use in principle of Compulsory Purchase Orders for land and properties affected by this “Road to Nowhere”. The meeting will also approve a further report to be prepared to “consider the business case for the purchase of properties outside of any proposed CPO boundary” so even those with homes and land not directly affected by this road scheme could subsequently face a CPO if the Council feel they have a business case.

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