Chair of Overview and Scrutiny Votes to Keep his Post!

Cllr H Bramer (Conservative county councillor for Penyard) showed that whilst he has an excellent knowledge of the Code of Conduct when it is applied to other councillors, his memory of the rules is not so good when applied to himself. The councillor failed to declare a financial interest at the full council meeting of Herefordshire Council on Friday 15th July 2011, despite the fact that he receives an allowance as the Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Not only did he not declare that financial interest but Cllr Bramer then voted in the Named vote against the motion that would have seen him removed from the Chairmanship. Herefordshire is one of the first councils in the country to think that a member of the ruling political party should chair the committee that scrutinises the work of the Council run by the ruling political party.


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